Life for good

Look at these two hemmed in by artificial nature or are they surrounded by onlookers eager to mince them … Do you care too? just because they lay there and not in the woods with hunters … What is natural to you their survival or consumption? creatures or food life for good?      

Scaled Differences

How do we know Of boundaries unset, misunderstood coincidences, To adore or let go .. How do we feel the breeze of reservation, the pain of reputation, If we could only heal .. How do we lie in the hour of need, Some egos to feed, let time go by .. How do we see…


Does she know they can gauge, despair from a distance Eyes in rage, … Does she know we live the same, if she should fathom tell her my name … Does she know people hurt sometimes, don’t reach out and that seems fine … Does she know it takes years to forgive someone Let go…


  As I unleash my stash full of worries into the sea as in the dusk I wonder if I could ever be As peaceful yet mighty as the sea, letting go off of every fret with every splash of water hitting my feet as I realize I am still alive..  

Wait a while

Wait a while as I dive into the divine, falling for it again, and again.. Wait a while as I perceive your being a blessing in disguise, in disguise.. Wait a while as I see you transform into someone unknown, so unknown.. Wait a while as I regret my decisions just like I did earlier,…

I Feel “Womanly”

Safeguarding the dreams in a sachet woven by her panache and grit, she lives with a sense of freedom she can comprehend. Thanks to the various platforms of awareness that internet has ushered in with, a spark of womanhood. I recently had my friends complaining that they don’t have a day for men. To all…

Resolutions et cetera

As we all gear up to bid a farewell to 2018 and nudge a Salut to 2019, an incessant thought swamps our mind: “What shall be my New Year resolution”. It’s like that compulsory birthday party you (have to) throw out of peer pressure(or well?). You do not want to think about it but FOMO…

Vegetarian Food in Bhutan

What’s with the merriment all around? As we strolled in the backyards of the most buoyant country of the world, Bhutan, we came across some really scrumptious food. A week of bliss! As we were famished most of the time, thanks to the endless walking, delicious food was the only option to settle down for….

Father’s Day

As I see all the people wishing their own fathers, I try not to think about your absence. Not that father’s day has been a very notable day in our house, but today I felt impaired. I tried ignoring all the posts because I generally start crying when I think about you. Always. It’s unbearable….