Agumbe, a small hill station in Karnataka, is a beautiful unsung town. And since I love writing about mysterious small places, I had to collate my rather older memories to come up with this one. I visited Agumbe with a popular travel group “Monks on Wheels“. My colleague and his school friends started MOW back…

Life for good

Look at these two hemmed in by artificial nature or are they surrounded by onlookers eager to mince them … Do you care too? just because they lay there and not in the woods with hunters … What is natural to you their survival or consumption? creatures or food life for good?      

Places to visit in Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya, a startling abode of clouds, literally, has ever since been an untouched state of your travel bucket list, hasn’t it? But who has the time? Need to save up for Europe na? Well, go through these stupefying places you can visit in Meghalaya. Budget trip I promise. *wink* *nudge* 1. Shillong :- Basic. You…


  As I unleash my stash full of worries into the sea as in the dusk I wonder if I could ever be As peaceful yet mighty as the sea, letting go off of every fret with every splash of water hitting my feet as I realize I am still alive..  


We’re all brawlers. Survival is the key. Struggle is the essence of life. What we make of it is what defines us. At the kind of pace that we’re all running at, nature is trying hard to fit in. It’s pretty evident that we’re taking nature for granted, the repercussions of which we not know…