Wait a while

Wait a while as I dive into the divine, falling for it again, and again.. Wait a while as I perceive your being a blessing in disguise, in disguise.. Wait a while as I see you transform into someone unknown, so unknown.. Wait a while as I regret my decisions just like I did earlier, [...]


I Feel “Womanly”

Safeguarding the dreams in a sachet woven by her panache and grit, she lives with a sense of freedom she can comprehend. Thanks to the various platforms of awareness that internet has ushered in with, a spark of womanhood. I recently had my friends complaining that they don't have a day for men. To all [...]

Father’s Day

As I see all the people wishing their own fathers, I try not to think about your absence. Not that father's day has been a very notable day in our house, but today I felt impaired. I tried ignoring all the posts because I generally start crying when I think about you. Always. It's unbearable. [...]