Shettihalli Church

Built by the French missionaries in the 19th century, this church with an uncanny calm got abandoned after the construction of Hemavati Dam nearby. A great spot for a day’s venture, especially for the Bangalore folks, I’d advice ya’ll to hit this spooky mess.

I visited this one on my way to Agumbe. Emerging out of nowhere, this place adds an extra dose of mystery into your ‘le tour’. I’ve been to this church twice and have somehow felt that it metaphorically seems like a stranger racked with guilt and misery.

SC Church

Monsoon swamps this place for a while during the wee months and so one should visit this place in the rains as well!

This church is a prime example of Gothic architecture and yes, dark enough to entice you. The breeze around the backwaters of the reservoir brings along a whiff of oneness and peace. Some travelers experience an eerie tranquility in the area adjacent to the otherwise engaged road noise not afar!

Shettihalli Church submerged in water
Submerged in water

In case you do not own a vehicle, Hassan is the nearest town to reach! Buses run from this place on an hourly basis until 1600 hrs. You have to inform the collector about your destination and they’d help you get to the right spot. Autos are also available for the round trips and they do wait for an hour or so! Got to negotiate with the locals down there.

That’s me at the dam of Hemavati

The forthcoming weekend seems perfect, ain’t it?

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