The Gust of Nostalgia

Hemmed in by the sound of crickets

and the whiff of trees after rain,

a tread dug up path through the woods…

That feeble sound of a treasured song,

the stacked cassette rack overlooked,

the eyed evolution of the music players…

Cherished photo albums in the corner of a room

covered with an undisturbed film of dust,

the intensified feelings with every scanned leaf…

A visit to a city previously lived in,

the flashback of days spent at “home”,

that garden self nurtured at once…

I time traveled in my head

action architecture blurred background building






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  1. So nostalgic, takes back to older times 💕

    Btw just noticed that you’ve put wrong “Web Address” in your account settings. Do update it 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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