10 Things to do in Gokarna

A long weekend getaway for most of the folks in and around Karnataka, Gokarna is “Chill in peace” Goa. It is a small town based out of Karnataka, India with the finest sunshine mornings on the beaches. Having been to this town a number of times, here is a list of things I feel one mustn’t miss experiencing:-


1. Om Beach: The most popular beach here, Om Beach does justice to its name as it is sculpted in the shape of the Hindu religious word “Om“. The road to this beach from the town winds its way past the open grasslands and ends where the expansive Arabian Sea frames itself with long sandy stretches and rocky outcrops. A hub for water sports like Banana boat ride, surfing, water skiing and para sailing, this beach is safe for swimming.


2. Kudle Beach: The most conveniently placed beach geographically(6km from town), I would advice folks to set this beach as your base. It’s bundled with a number of shacks and guesthouses on the hill as well as on the beach itself. The northern end being connected to Gokarna beach and the southern with Om beach and further, it indeed is a great starting point for a trek on the rocky mountains alongside. Needless to mention the magnificent view and thrills one experiences while trekking, if you are in Gokarna, you have to give this a try!


3. Half Moon Beach: Another one named after its shape, this beach is secluded from the commercialization and crowd around town. A 20 minutes trek from Om beach, this one helps in de-stressing oneself.


4. Gokarna Beach: this one can be seen on the way to Kudle beach and witnesses more visitors from the town. I rented a scooty to visit around town and advice you to do the same as the place is so enchanting and prepossessing. I arrived to this beach on a scooty and went for a further ride of 25 minutes alongside. Worth a try!

Gokarna Beach

5. Belkan beach: A lesser known beach, this can be traced on a map with your own vehicle as it is less crowded than the others. It has a rocky shore which resembles the Nariman point in Mumbai. This beach has cafes and shacks as well.

Belkan Beach

6. Paradise Beach: A mind gripping and refreshing trek from Belkan beach leads to this astounding beauty! Alternatively known as the “Full Moon” beach, this is the best one away from civilization. Do not miss this one.


Paradise Beach

7. Walk around the town: The town is pristine and should be explored on foot. I’ve mentioned the benefits of the same here: Exploring towns on foot . The stupendous weather adds to the undying experience so choose the right time to visit. Preferably October to February.



8. Eat, buy and interact (with the) local: They are lovely. Super friendly and peace loving, all they want is that we have a nice time here. They layout a local trade fair once in a while which is so engaging.



9. Holy Cave: yes! There is a cave lesser known among the tourists. About 100m from Kudle beach entrance. Go go!


10. The Trek: You cannot afford to miss this. Or you miss these:-







Ciao! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “10 Things to do in Gokarna

  1. Many thanks Saumya,
    Nice writeup. I will definitely try to visit this place when I am next in India 👍😊. Thoroughly enjoyed reading and your lovely pictures of the serene Nature’s beauty.

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