So you think you had a bad day?

I have had my share of preposterous days. So have y’all. But this one is sad, hilarious and informative, for the best.

I reside in Bangalore(India) most days of the year and commute regularly using public transport, i.e., BMTC buses. 26th April 2019. Another work day ends as I look forward to some Fri-yay! I had a birthday celebration of a close friend to attend. I will come back to this one later.

I generally take a volvo 500D (bus route number) to return to my place but this fine day, I got into one without looking at the bus route as the same was familiar. This one day! And as much as we praise Bangalore, the buses are thronged with people. It has always baffled me as to why the driver and conductor welcome people to enter when there is no space to stand, let alone sit. What stuns me more is that people enter till they get squashed between the closing doors.

Aah population, thou beast!

Moving forward. I kept my bag aside behind the conductor’s seat as I barely could move. As my stop was approaching, I got a seat and so I sat there. It was close to the exit door. And being a human with permanent endless musings in life, I got down without the bag. The ticket was inside it! I had no information of the bus!

I realized after I crossed the road. As the bus disappeared into the cloud of translucence, tears trickled down my eyes. I panicked and called my friend, Vibha, thanking fate that I had held the mobile in my hands. Googled multiple BMTC helplines and to add to my miseries, net was extremely slow. Vodafone, you are never happy to help!

I had given up on my bag already but was scared of the trail of bad trips it had left for me. To get my government IDs remade(kids, do not keep all the eggs in one basket), loss of a Ray-ban, a notebook, purse with cash etcetera. In all, a loss of atleast Rupees 10k. I felt stupid and irresponsible.

After two hours of panic, break down, moral lectures, calls and failed attempts to have faith in the BMTC Lost and Found system, I got a call from Vibha saying someone found the bag! It was in a Bus Depot close by. With another friend, Akshaya, I found that place. If you ever lose or leave your stuff in a BMTC bus, locate the closest bus depot and call this helpline number: 7760991406 . The last two digits refer to the depot number. It is available here:

So thanks to BMTC staff and organization, I got my bag back, all intact.

To end the distress that was, in its entirety uncalled for, I decided to attend the birthday celebrations. With five mango ciders down on an empty stomach, the after party was at a friend’s. We reached the house. A few songs and half an hour later, I realized my phone is missing. It was in the cab!

After another 30 mins of follow ups with the driver, self abhorrence and a psyched head, I got my phone back. The next few hours were spent in music and uncountable throw ups.

One hell of a day there folks!

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  1. Richard Le Sueur says:

    I empathize with your story, and know it was certainly no fun to go through.

    That being said, I also know that, at some time in the future, it will form the foundation of a tale to be related with great hilarity and laughter on multiple occasions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes it already is a talk of the family now! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Moz says:

    Well atleast you got everything back. I once lost my phone in Goa… dropped it in the ocean. It was sad coz it was an expensive phone that I worked my ass off for 3 months to buy (an iPhone X). I lost several awesome photos that my friends and I took as well which is also a bit sad. I had originally planned to overstay for a few days after my friends left and work out of St. Anthony’s (my work is remote and I can go anywhere) but the whole loss made it bad and I booked a ticket out of Goa much earlier and got back home to bangalore. Of course, I challenged myself and I bought the next version version of the phone within 2 months after this happened but when I think about it, I feel really stupid for taking the phone into the sea and losing it like that, makes my stomach turn. I really coulda spent the extra money on something much more useful.


  3. Moz says:

    Might want to keep off the alcohol for a few days 😂


    1. Haha not planning to! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Moz says:

        Ha. Well look on the bright side then. You now know how to get stuff back from BTMC and you are even telling others (which might help).


      2. Yeah that was the plan actually. To let people know in the worst cases.

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  4. Moz says:

    You probably got to lay off the alcohol a bit!


  5. srijan says:

    looks like you’re enjoying life. bottoms up to that!

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