Places to visit in Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya, a startling abode of clouds, literally, has ever since been an untouched state of your travel bucket list, hasn’t it?

But who has the time? Need to save up for Europe na?

Well, go through these stupefying places you can visit in Meghalaya. Budget trip I promise. *wink* *nudge*

1. Shillong :- Basic. You might as well take a flight to reach this spectacular capital of Meghalaya. Residing in the east Khasi hills district, Shillong is a summer solace. I booked a place near the city centre conveniently. Gorge on pineapples while you can. Sweet potion.

Some must visits in Shillong:-

a. The engulfing mountains of Shillong: The waterfalls here during the rainy season will give you a reason enough to drop in Meghalaya. A drive through this charm hemmed in by mountains is peace peace peace.

b. Don Bosco Museum: Museums could get broing in your city but not here. Also the Skywalk is all the worth.

c. Air Force Museum: Yeah I like museums and so would you. Just go!

d. Ward’s Lake: or Pollock lake, this lake is artificial but the happiness you get here isn’t.

e. Elephant Falls: a small trek amidst the mist and refreshing nature, take those eyes away from phone.

f. Scott’s Trail: For you trek enthusiasts, don’t forget ponchos. 😉


2. Mawsynram

The place with the highest rainfall on Earth, yes Earth. With natural hot springs and umpteen greenery, no way you would want to miss this one. Beauty.Every.Where.


3. Cherrapunjee

Annnd of course, Cherrapunjee, also known as Sohra, is famous for its living bridges. The roots of the grandly old trees form them. Wow.


Mawsmai caves: The well lit caves here are a view to behold when the glistening lights meet with limestone to create countless hues and patterns of breathtaking colors.

3. Dawki

A town in the West Jaintia Hills and a lesser known stunner of Meghalaya, this place has the best sunset ever. Umngot river here has crystal clear water whereupon you can boat, swim and chill.

Credits: Radiance Vision Group

4. Jowai

Lakes here are the prime attraction of Jowai, ideally Thadlaskein lake. A one day visit can suffice.

Credits: WTSG!

5. Nongpoh

The plush greens and bird chirps here make people want to have a layover in Nongpoh. Visit Umiam lake and Lum Sohpetbneng here. The latter is a picturesque peak.

Credits: WeekendThrill

If you plan to travel by your own car, I’d suggest you to move like nomadics. Meghalaya has untouched majestic towns calling out, none of which will fail to impress you!

Go go go!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. csprasath says:

    Hi, How many days can be planned for Meghalaya ? Looks like it shouldn’t be missed …


    1. Hello! Atleast a week. A lot of engaging sights there. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. csprasath says:

        Thank you ! .. I do have many questions , will let you know


  2. shailesh ranka says:

    hello if i ma in kolkata how do i go to shillong and which palces to go in november. how will be the weather


    1. Hi Shailesh. You can take a flight or a train, whatever suits you. The weather in Shillong is always mind blowing. Don’t worry about that. Avoid heavy rains so as to roam about freely.


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