I Feel “Womanly”

Safeguarding the dreams in a sachet woven by her panache and grit, she lives with a sense of freedom she can comprehend. Thanks to the various platforms of awareness that internet has ushered in with, a spark of womanhood.

woman facing sideways

I recently had my friends complaining that they don’t have a day for men. To all the men out there feeling deprived, we don’t want a day for us. Femininity cannot be celebrated on a specific day, month, year. It is natural. It wasn’t discovered some day. I don’t want to feel exceptional on a day because of my gender, I want it for being who I am. That’s how it has to be. Give people their respect when and where it is due, irrespective of their gender.

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time

Mere announcements and baseless wishes are reverberating around in every corridor. To the men wishing me “Happy Women’s Day” who otherwise ignore my questions, problems and presence, I couldn’t care less. My “thanks” wouldn’t make you respect me or a woman more by the day, what you do for the rest of the year would.

Celebrations, like privileges, can not be based on gender.

absurd barbra streisand GIF



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  1. Abirbhav says:

    Can’t agree more..!! Nicely articulated..


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