And having crossed Singapore and Malaysia, how could I not have stumbled upon Thailand?

Thailand, also known as the land of temples, is predominantly a Buddhist country. Previously known as Siam(Sanskrit name for ‘dark’), Thailand is called ‘Prathet Thai’ by the locals which means ‘Land of the free’. A haven for the smallest mammal – the bumblebee bat – and the largest fish – the whale, Thailand flaunts its transfixing greenery.

The Thailand government has temporarily banned logging and timber harvesting in public forests, which is a far sighted and a pivotal step.

So I headed over to Pattaya on landing in Thailand. The locals in Pattaya make you feel like you really are on a vacation. Very kind and affable, I loved the way they said(sang) “Swadikhaa” as a polite exchange of pleasantries.

I visited the Tiffany and well, it wasn’t as phenomenal as I had heard of and so one can manage to walk past it. It’s mostly humid and you might need an umbrella on the go. A long walk on the Pattaya beach and subsequently the night walking street around the same corner summarized my evening, as I was put up at a hotel right on the beach.

The next day was prearranged for the beach and some water sports. I partook in Para sailing and under water diving. My mom promulgated some of her hidden skills of fearlessness and went ahead with the same. She thanked me later for encouraging her to indulge in water sports. Some pictures to describe the exquisite moments.

The next day we traveled to Bangkok. The shopaholics must keep a day for shopping at the Indra Square market. Don’t lose an arm in the process. These markets are over peopled but worth a visit.

Also keep one entire day for the Safari World and Marine Park Day tour as it is wearing but very well valuated. Thank me later.

Please don’t ignore or overdo the night markets in Thailand. Beer, street food, massages, souvenirs are all at a single spot. I visited the Khao San Market which appeared to be a junction for the coalescense of indefinite people inhabiting disparate worlds of thoughts and cultures.

Thailand is unquestionably a lot more than the massages and spas that you have vividly heard of and unless you visit, you’d keep wondering. 😀

The well lit streets in the evenings are swamped with folks belonging to diverse cultures.

Like Singapore and Malaysia, my trip to Thailand was for a short 4 days which now gives me another reason to go back there, especially the northern side. So much more left to explore indeed..

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