Growing up..some more

Not a while ago when the 90s kids were, well, still young. Not that we aren’t but the trailing 20s leave a mark(read burden) of decisiveness, responsibility, relationship issues and, of course, freckles.

Us 90s fellas grew up in a miscellaneous world wherein no one seemed to settle down with any invention. We saw pagers fade away while we could barely comprehend technology, radios get obsolete, computers come post 10 years, mobiles post 11, casettes replaced with CDs and eventually iPods, Facebook during the inception of high school and college, wow! Got no time to chill !

And as much as we can appreciate the fact that we witnessed the bravura of inventions, we can shed a tear over the years we miss when we lived without them..

The years passing by only suggest the continuity of time but hey who wants to accept that now?

A lot left to travel, a lot to experience, reality checks, relationships, career and

A lot on my plate? Well literally..

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