10 things to know before you visit India

Well yes you heard from your peers about how incredible this country is and now that you have managed to plan an itinerary, these points could come in handy!

1. We’re more than just Taj Mahal.

Sure Taj Mahal is a must visit if you must visit, but do not prioritize it over every other monument/town/city.

Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach

2. We do not speak Indian.

We have 22 major languages here and Indian is not one of them. Languages change with distance but our love doesn’t.


3. Food is so so good!

Eat at the right place and try out everything that entices you because it will be worth it. Look out for spices because we are crazy, in a good way.
anise aroma art bazaar
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

4. Delhi Belly is not a misnomer!

Ever heard of it? It’s true. Might just happen to you. Would be a tad easier if you could avoid uncovered food.

Us? Our immune system is stronger than Arnold Shwarzen.. ok no it isn’t. We fall ill too but do not regret it.

5. Yes we are populated!

See you need to be at peace with it. One of our cities could be more populated than your entire country. Don’t be marveled. All chills.

6. You’ll get to witness poverty, a lot of it.

Yes our country is going through a phase and we all are working it out to get better. And we shall hopefully soon.

7. Don’t mind the occasional gawk and selfies.

“People in India stare a lot”. I have seen this happening to my friends. Yes you might feel flattered at first but soon that thought will fly out the window.. I hope we get over this habit soon. One must be careful but we also love, smile and help a lot. Look at the brighter side, eh?


8. Our music is remarkable.

Oh yes it is. Like our languages, we have a variety of music in here. Good music definitely. Do not miss out on listening to some local musicians. They improvise.



9. Living In India is not expensive

You have options open for the either kind of lifestyle. You might be overwhelmed by how cheap beer, taxi, trains, hotels et cetera are. Awesome right?


10. We are a rich culture

And sooo you might need some time to slot in. With the cultural abundance and religious thrive, this country will grow on you. Also we are smart.
*k bye*

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      1. Sure I will. 🙂


      2. Thank you so much!!


  1. Tin says:

    We have 22 major languages here and Indian is not one of them. Languages change with distance but our love doesn’t

    I agree.

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