Walking through the scarlett..

You must have observed tourists walking their way into adventure when you are out holidaying. While you prefer driving through the magnificent hills or along side a neat beach, some of them are just endlessly walking down the unpaved streets…
And why?
Well I will give you some salient reasons as to why you must walk the next time you are at your treasured destination.
I have tried both in pursuit of wisdom, to make the most of it, i.e, the breezy car ride and the endless walking. But for some reasons, I remember the journey of the latter most assuredly. I decided to jot down the ones I could comprehend.
While you walk, a lot of details get registered in your mind sub consciously. For example, the terrain, the shops nearby, the picturesque pine tree, that dog wagging his tail, the enormous leaves fallen on the road, the yellow flowers scattered around, people talking in their language, so on so forth.


So I’ve met and spoken with a lot of locals for a reason as small as direction. They happen to ask about your whereabouts. And so that leads to a magnificent conversation.

I believe in the power of conversations. A good one makes your day, doesn’t it? Especially when you learn a great deal of a new culture, it’s permanently there in some corner of your mind. And that’s a very important reason of travel, indubitably.

When you visit a new town of your own country or a new country all together, you do not just want to drop by at the tourist spots. You wish to try a hand at the cultural celebrations, food, language, sports. That unique aroma across the streets, or a shortcut you just found out, a stall for a hot coffee on the go or a summer sprinkle.

All of this because you decided to walk it out.

The exchange of pleasantries and a try at their language to say “hello”, the skillful busking or a street dance you would want to join, that playful cat or the birds you would want to feed, the street food or the local fruits you would love to gorge on, would you want to miss out on so many memories? You’d rather wish not, would you 🙂

If you are convinced enough to walk through your newbie town next time, let me know of the awesomeness you gathered along and we all shall smile in bliss.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks…

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  1. themilesmile says:

    That’s some real travelling! Thanks for sharing this ✨✈️

    Liked by 1 person

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