A Wander in Pondicherry

Since this part of serenity(also beach) had always been untouched albeit, an overnight journey from Bangalore and less, I finally made it to Pondi.
Formerly French colonized, I noticed a lot of locals speaking in the love struck language.img-20181001-wa00334698029762709822126.jpgPondicherry is a small, full blown touristy town. Since I reached really early in the morning, I decided to drop off my bags at the hostel I had booked, who’s owner was kind enough to let me, and strolled off to the Promenade beach. It was 7am and so the sun wasn’t screaming at my face( as yet) and so I had a nice time walking around and so..

Gandhi Statue and French War Memorial are two historical sights here. The park nearby(read oasis of the desert, intended) provided some solace as the humidity and heat were not very pleasing. It’s ironic the French decided to colonize this town out of all of them.

“French, t’es trop mignon”



I was put up really close to the market area so good food wasn’t a challenge. If you are a vegetarian, I would advice you to try “Surguru” near MG road. You also have a little cat to welcome you there.



Also sea food lovers looked ravished by the overwhelming variety available at the beaches in Pondi! I happened to try a pizza place called “Farm Fresh”. Also the best place to have an ice cream is “GMT” at Promenade beach. A good beer place wasn’t easy to spot but one(enthusiast) must keep searching.

Looking at the weather conditions, I decided to stay indoors from 11:00 to 15:00 hours. It definitely gets better during this time at the end of the year.


The next day was reserved for Serenity beach and Auroville. I took a scooty on rent which is a good idea if you are keen on traveling offroute too. For me, beaches are a thing for evenings, unless you are an early riser. The road to Auroville was fun and zesty. The route had a lot of trees which killed the heat a bit. The cafes enroute are peachy and required, to have a layover. So Auroville was fine and I wasn’t interested to have an in depth knowledge of it, but it was nice to be at peace inside the ashram.

Undoubtedly, there were a lot of non Indian ashram followers around. The goodies in the shop inside were over priced but pretty. The journey was quite wishful.


The next evening was meant(to be) for Paradise beach. So picturesque, I could feel a steady breeze on my face in that moment. The backwaters there make it even more engaging. A must visit in Pondicherry and the cleanest of all, Paradise beach should definitely be on your list.

Pondicherry could be a better travel chic destination in or after October.

With one more town off my Indian bucket list, I shall leave you with some winsome photographs to capture your attention.

Astérix & Obélix

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