Litter(ates) or not?

I have been meaning to write about this for a long time. Only it’s futility was my concern and now not really, No. I want to raise my voice on this. And that is because it’s an omnipresent issue which shall not leave our country very soon. Yes! It’s our country’s issue. Literates or not.

QpI have been brought up in a middle class family and a modest school. Yes I was well fed and well nurtured. And as they say, manners come into a person’s mind only if he/ she has food and a roof to think about them. Maybe true. I am unable to argue about this because I might be unaware about the sickly conditions poverty can put one through and many of us are unaware about them.

But I’ve grown up a little more(wiser or not) to understand that poverty and education fail to be identified as the reasons of littering.

It’s your concsious ‘bro’!

I work in an MNC and the commute to and fro is often through cabs and buses. I once observed a woman, working in one, emptying her bag of all the filth out on the road. At first, I felt my concern will fall on deaf ears and that our country will anyway lead to nowhere out of creating a ruckus out of this situation. But I felt equally responsible for not letting her know of what a f***wad she was being by doing so. I immediately pointed out to her to which she replied “tumhare baap ka road hai Kya?” “Is it your Dad’s road?”

Well no lady it isn’t. And I can’t do shit with that mindset. So well.

I didn’t argue much with her because I realized it won’t help. It wasn’t worth it. Also a similar realization dwelled in that she must be withholding a bachelor’s degree to the least. But there she went, guilt free and victimized (her look).

Apparently, there are two reactions to what I told her:-

1. Getting outraged and replying in the most abhorrent way possible because apparently you know what she/ he is saying is right but your ego gets way too smothered.

2. Accepting it is your fault and not repeating it(eventhough showing resistance at first).

The easier path is the former. The one most taken and the most convenient. Human nature.

People going ahead with the latter need to sprout. She could’ve shown disinterest in my moral lecture(I just spoke a line in the most polite way I could) but comprehended her fault in her head. Hope she did. Couldn’t see it though. Sad.

She was clearly educated. That didn’t help. I have studied in decent schools which taught me how and when to use the dustbins. If one is unavailable, throw it in the one in the house, once back.

How much effort does it take?

Why must a government impose fines on you to make you follow basic etiquettes?

Why should you not feel responsible for the filth on the roads outside?

I recently visited Bhutan with a childhood friend and I heard a bunch of Indian men strolling on the streets. One of them threw his bottle inside the drain, which otherwise looked pretty clean.


Why us in particular?

While returning, in a bus till Siliguri, a man threw off his eatables wrapper out on the road.

And a dozen more incidents like these in this short span.

The recent post on how the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma raised her concern on how a rich boy(he’s not a man enough) threw garbage ‘accidentally’ out of his luxury car has only motivated me to write this post.

I am not supporting her because you know that’s what we do( I only adore Farhan Akhtar), but because what she did was right.

And no this isn’t subjective.

What he posted later on was to gather a collosal amount of sympathy or fame or both or none? I don’t care little boy but you were wrong.

Go back to school and learn some manners.


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