Kodaikanal- The saviour in Summers

Another much talked about hill station in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal explicitly flaunts its ethnicity and temperature.
Finding some solace from the calidity of the plain terrains around, I found an intriguing populace around me there.
I was well situated near the Kodai lake, which is contemplated as the central place in Kodaikanal. There for 2 nights and 3 days, I had time in abundance so I took to eating chocolates to justify my destination pick.
If you’re a solo traveler, I would recommend you to have a stay for just about a night

(and two days).

If you want to chill literally, because your appraisal and the heat ain’t bearable, this place is perfect.
If you want to find some peace away from the cacophony of the chitter chatter, jibber jabber, this place isn’t for you.
I’ll tell you the pros and cons of having visited this town.
Pros: the best may weather as of now. The scenic beauty and that feeling of being inside a cloud should clutch your mind already. Coaker’s walk, Byrant Park, City top view, Pine forest, three pillars are some of the picturesque view points there.
Vattakanal is walkable from kodai lake. Take breaks and keep walking. Liril falls are a midway serenity. They provide bicycles on rent around kodai lake. Chocolates are in abundance and might give you the diabetic creep. But don’t care if you’re walking the whole day.
Food is not extravagant, but modestly good. Anyway,

chocolates did make your day, didn’t they?

Cons: too commercial, noisy and crowded. They have a set of points which can be seen all in one trip. To be precise, you are the tourist they want you to be. Unless you have your own vehicle, which is a curse again given the collosal traffic jam every evening, you can’t get a drop to a particular place. You have to visit all of them as all the points are more or less situated one after the other. Also the route is a one way, after 9 am, so no taxi will waste time and petrol to drop you at a particular point and come all the way back


Reminded of the auto guys in Bangalore? Yes.

“Madam return sawari nahi milega”..”Madam won’t get a customer on my way back”

The monkey in the pic disagrees.

The walk in and around this town, the incessant rains, the chills you get amidst the smell of the boiling tea while you’re dying to have a mug, the perfect cosy weather to experience in an Indian Summer, this town defines a perfect vacation.

If you’re a fungus lover, July-August is your time. You’re welcome.

For me, it was a much needed weekend getaway from the scorcher days, otherwise.

And why should you not travel anyway?

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