We’re all brawlers. Survival is the key. Struggle is the essence of life. What we make of it is what defines us. At the kind of pace that we’re all running at, nature is trying hard to fit in.


It’s pretty evident that we’re taking nature for granted, the repercussions of which we not know of, right now. Or rather we avoid them because the very idea scares humanity. This is denial. Denial in accepting what is inevitable. We’re leading into hollowness. Sad we’re aware of it and yet doing nothing.


See the difference?

You’re privileged to be breathing because of greens. You’re privileged to be sleeping peacefully because of greens. Your world revolves around greens. So how can your conscious allow you to be the slow poison? Next time you see water getting wasted, think of the uncountable people dying of thirst! Waste food, there are hungry children sleeping every night! Scary? People live this life. And what makes you burn your garbage or throw it out on the road? That’s one place you walk down every day!

Man came into existence because of the indispensable resources nature offered. Millions of years later, don’t you think at least now it’s time to return the favour?

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